When You’re Down…

I dropped a huge can on the top of my foot yesterday.  I actually cried a couple tears because of the excruciating pain that left me immobile for about twenty minutes.  I could barely walk even after I wrapped my foot and iced it.

Ever had a day like this?  I wanted to get a lot done.  I just had to do it in a sitting position with my foot propped up. Sometimes it is not even about what we plan or did not plan.  Sometimes life is just a bummer.  We all have those unfortunate days.

This illustration shows what I do on those unfortunate days.

When you’re down, it takes strength and a lot of heart to lean on God, but He’ll get you through another day.  This was especially true as I began to think about how the top of Jesus’ foot must have felt when the large nail pierced through it.

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