Urban-Friendly, Christian Picture Book Summary

Imagine this: A young boy named Lou suddenly hears a loud beat while he stands in his backyard.  The beat grows louder and louder until a band of rappers busts through his fence.  They rap to him about joining their family.  However, Lou raps back with a brand new beat and a whole new rhyme.

His beat starts like this:

Bump Shicka Wow Bump Shicka Wow Bump

Written in an urban-friendly style, Lou changes the hearts of a gang called the Band of the Rappin’ Warriors through his brand new rhyme:


Whatchu tryin’ to drum up?

‘Cuz you mad at someone

You want a war to erupt?

Join your family?

Whatchu crazy?

Not a warrin’ war parade.

No, I think I’ll pass on that

‘Cuz your rappin’ is puh-layed.”

Certain words have been written in a manner that embraces the language and pronunciation of African-American culture and rap methodology.

Lou’s brand new rhyme brings the message of the gospel to the gang that busts through his back yard. The rough sketches portray the direction that I am going.  Thank God the sketch wasn’t an original, but even if it was, I probably could find a way to incorporate my daughter’s contribution.

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