March Writing Challenge: Quickly Losing in Slow-motion

 As I thought about what to write, I decided to choose this “children playing” art challenge done for March.  My March writing challenge goes with it.


“Tag! You’re it!” Nicholas cried between panicked breaths and a racing heart.

He actually tagged Joseph, the fastest kid on the block. Now he knew he had to make his feet grow wings.

With all his might, his arms scrambled forward to grasp clumps of air to launch his body like a rocket, but every step he took proved that time really does slow down.

In slow-motion, his left foot gripped the dirt while his right foot floated forward about as fast as a soap bubble without wind.

Suddenly, like a rubberband snap, Joseph yanked his shirt and teased, “Not so fast, you’re it!” as he darted away.


If I had to explain one aspect of longsuffering that every Christian must endure from God, I would say “losing.” Losing is a part of longsuffering that never seems to end no matter how hard you try to change it or to change yourself. It is given not to teach a “we’ll never be perfect” attitude, but to develop an attitude of strength and endurance. It is actually very grievous, but this little moment between two children shows a portion of what years of longsuffering can be like; trying with all your might, making very little progress, and failing.

Longsuffering is not for losers and quitters, but for winners filled with hope and diligence who can endure the losing until their time comes.

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