Love: My SCBWI Illustration for February 2017

I couldn’t resist taking a shot at the SCBWI Love contest for February.  I thought that showing a loving family would be a good idea.  I tried to portray loving affections without showing hearts.  Except, I did sneak one in.  The son’s singing mouth is heart-shaped and so is his tongue - but you cannot really tell.

I’ve done a lot of studying lately to bring my art to another level.  I think that through this piece, I’ve found my “traditional” style.  I say the word “traditional” meaning how I create traditional-looking characters.  I also like to create character body types that are off-beat as well.

This was created using traditional, mixed media.

For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another. ~ 1 John 3:11 KJV

Result:  Unfortunately, I did not win.  The two people who won had nice pieces.  Although I did not feel “love” - maybe heart-warming- in one.  Nevertheless, they were cute and they have a simplicity to them that I can definitely appreciate.

Perhaps I should have drawn my piece using symbols of hearts rather than a feeling, but I think illustration in a book should show feeling to move the reader.  I was trying to picture my piece in the pages of a book and how a child would feel when they turned the page and saw it.  I was really hoping to capture that feeling.  Maybe next time.

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