Christian Poem: The Sin You’re In

This was my personal February 2016 Writing Challenge for the 7 Plus 1.  If you liked Shel Silverstein’s style, as we get older, we realize it was a bit weird and dark.  This was my take on both the poetry style and the black and white art.  However, I added a black background to my piece even though his style was on white backgrounds.


The sin you’re in,

Now let me begin

To tell you about

The sin you’re in.

It finds you,

It binds you,

It even reminds you

About your inadequacies

To blind you.

It calls you with one little sentence–


If duped, you’re caught up

Without any question

Of doubt, disbelief,

But perhaps there’s that thought,

“If I’m caught, it is wrong.

It is shameful and not

A thing I should do,

Or say, or be

‘Cuz embracing the evil is devilish–

You see.”

But you’re trapped–


Winding tighter and tighter.

What you think is your freedom

Is a daily reminder:

You’re tagged.

You’re it.

Completely legit.

Sold to the devil of the fiery pit.


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