Attempting to Fix Mistakes

While I was outlining the clouds on an art piece with a paint pen, the pen decided to drip. At first, I was disappointed, but then I decided to work with it. So, I blew on the ink so it would explode outwardly and then I decided to do it again in a new place. Then, I splattered more tiny dots all over the paper. Finally, I said,”Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.”

Nevertheless, I tried to fix my mistakes by blending the clouds with white and making the flowers more interesting with abstract designs. 

It came out better than what it looked like before and I think it would be convincing if I were illustrating a story called The Case of the Missing Ink Pen or The Day the Clouds Exploded. 

In this world, people often make their mistakes look appealing.  Nonetheless, this mistake, even if I covered it up, would still be there. 

Thank God that Jesus doesn’t work like that. He doesn’t “bandaid” our sins. He wipes them away entirely giving us a clean slate to begin again. 

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