My ‘Journey with Willow’ was the Inspiration for a Picture Book

I wrote a picture book story roughly based on the events of teaching my daughter about Christian headcovering.

I have been studying the Bible for many years.  Like most women, I assumed that Christian headcovering was meaningless because many of the pastors taught their congregations that “the outside appearance of our lives no longer matters.”  Therefore, that tossed out the need for them to speak out about the topic of Christian headcovering as well as other topics for women, which are important.  

Nevertheless, it was my usual activity to read through the Bible every day and night, absorbing each chapter before I moved on to another, and as I was reading what the apostle Paul was saying about headcovering, it suddenly occurred to me that I was among those who were being contentious.  So I asked myself, 

“Why be contentious with an apostle?” 

and then, I began to study what he was trying to say.  

I no longer wrote him off as I had done for so many years because of the subtle spoon-feeding I was getting from pastors. This changed my life.  

Headcovering is not required, but it is highly recommended and my book explains why in simple terms.

June 1, 2014 was the first day that I decided to start covering my head.  Having a B-girl style, this was definitely a challenge.  Six months of fully examining the headcovering scriptures progressively developed a biblically-comprehensive article that I wrote and during that time I gradually transitioned from a homie bandana to a snood.

You might laugh.  I do.

So here we are.  Opening my heart up to headcovering, sparked new questions like, 

“What about legalism?” 

From there, I had to answer those questions.  I learned that parts of the New Testament had been buried from our sight because of simple lies.

I wrote a picture book story that celebrates the meaning of headcovering in a biblically-sound, yet easy-to-understand manner, which will help women to appreciate it and to teach their daughters.

I’m excited about it.

Potential Willow

Potential Willow

Potential Willow

These art pieces above are various versions of what the character named Willow might look like before her headcovering.  The character, Willow, is an older version of my daughter Willow.

I wear a headcovering 98% of the time and I am teaching Willow to do the same. 

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