I am a writer and a freelance illustrator. 

On Writing:  

My specialty is in biblical exegesis. I also enjoy writing poetry, devotionals, picture books, and hope to write for MG or YA.  I have written and published interviews from Christian, teen actresses.  Also, I have created teen devotionals, quizzes, and puzzles.  

By God's grace, I currently work as the founding editor of a magazine for God-fearing women. I have composed nearly five-hundred articles since 2012 based on topics I've carefully studied in the Holy Bible--  plus additional blog posts.  I am also skilled in website building as well as print and online publishing and layouts.

On Illustration:  

I work in children's book illustrations, editorial concept art, and am interested in art licensing.

I like mixed media. I use traditional and digital tools.  Feel free to check out my illustrations.  Also, I like to discover new techniques and styles. 


I sought the Lord Jesus and guess what... I found out He is actually alive and He is the Savior of the world. I cannot deny this truth so I live my life to tell the world. Through my writings to women and children, I believe in encouraging modesty, godliness, good works, and understanding the importance of the fear of the Lord in one's life. (I am a born-again Christian, not an Evangelical Conservative.)

This Portfolio: 

I offer freelance illustration, editing, and critiquing services through the Verity Lit website. If you see my art elsewhere under the interpretation that I am selling services on another site, please alert me through my contact form.

All of the works I create are made for the glory of the amazing, one and only, true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  



2016-18  Visit my portfolio on the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.


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March 2016  I wrote this for all Christian women.  This information is often over-looked about the doctrine.

Devotion Magazine™

2012-2014  Formerly published print and digital Christian Magazine for Girls and Women.  Now transitioned to AWOMAN{SAVED} MAG Online.

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