I am a writer.

I have always wanted to be a writer of children's books since I was a little girl.  My African American mother had a part in igniting that desire.  

Book Market:  

Through hope in God, I am actively pursuing a career in Christian writing and illustration for my own books because I want to use my talent for the glory of God.  I would love to illustrate picture books for Anabaptists and the Jewish people. Moreover, I would love to have my books in schools.

The main characters in my stories are usually biracial because I am biracial (African American, German, and Czech) and my children are biracial blacks. I feel that biracial characters, and the blending of their black mixed with white families, are typically underrepresented especially in the Christian market.  

On Writing:  

My specialty is in biblical exegesis.  I also enjoy writing poetry, short devotionals, pictures books to early readers.  I have written and published interviews from Christian, teen actresses.  Also, I have written teen devotionals, quizzes, and puzzles.  

When I write, I share the truth in Christ; cut and dry; bold and refreshing; sometimes scary because of the fear of the Lord. When I write for children, I make it fun, but usually it has depth.

A Christian, literary agent once said, "... no one likes reading sermons disguised as stories."  

Tell that one to Jesus.  

I believe in being a light for goodness, godliness, and truth.  Too much darkness exists in the world already, especially in books that encourage sin by calling what is evil, good. 

On Illustration:  

I like mixed media.  I use traditional and digital tools.  Feel free to check out my illustrations.  Also, I like to discover new techniques and styles to work on.

Other Activities:  

By God's grace, I currently work as the founding editor of a magazine for God-fearing women. I have written nearly three-hundred articles based on topics in the Holy Bible.  I am also skilled in website building as well as print and online publishing.


I sought the Lord Jesus and guess what... I found out that He is actually alive and that He is the savior of the world.  I cannot deny this truth so I live my life to tell the world. Through my writings for women and children, I believe in encouraging modesty, godliness, good works, and understanding the importance of the fear of the Lord in one's life.  (I am a born-again Christian, not an Evangelical Conservative.)

I am looking for a Christian agent.  

This Portfolio: 

Please forgive me if this portfolio is not my top priority at times. Since I do not have an agent, other projects take precedence. However, you have options to follow my updates.

All of the works I create are deeply Christian and are made for the glory of the amazing, one and only, true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  



2016  Visit my portfolio on the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.


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March 2016  I wrote this for all Christian women.  This information is often over-looked about the doctrine.

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